How MERN is different from other programs?

We all know Tech is growing faster and demand for the skill is rapid growth. Daily new websites, software, data, etc; are created and stored. And there one question arises “How MERN is different from other programs?” One of the most in-demand skills is MERN stack development and they have around 65-70% of companies need them. In this article, we will guide MERN Stack development and its importance. Let’s start with understanding MERN.

How MERN is different from other programs?

What is MERN?

MERN is the fastest, better, and most customized which will help in building applications. MERN has features built-up with powerful GUI(Graphical User Interface) and the command inline tools. Hence the developers are likely to prefer the MERN stack technology.

Now we have understood what MERN stack is, it’s time to understand the differences between i.e, MEAN Stack vs MERN stack

MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js.

MEAN is based on JavaScript and it’s useful for tools and plugins, programmers widely use this stack to develop web apps, mobile applications, etc; but this drawback I.e; this can’t develop native apps.

MERN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. MERN is completely on Javascript, and also offers a complete framework for developers, hence it’s in demand and growing rapidly. This has the major advantage of creating Native apps where MEAN was lacking.

When I was doing research on MERN the commonly raised doubt in everyone’s mind was Which language is used in MERN? The answer is JavaScript, it has collections of frameworks, and databases which will help the developers.

And another commonly asked question is Which language is used in MERN?

What do you think?🤔

💯✔️ If you think it’s JavaScript, then it’s absolutely correct.

Why is MERN better than MEAN?

Why is MERN better than MEAN?

In MEAN stack developers use the Angular.js and it causes major to the platform to maintain the abstraction and to manage the data or projects. But MERN uses React.js and it allows the code to develop on a rapid scale. This makes the MERN better than MEAN.

What is the advantage of using the MERN stack? 

👉 Many developers prefer the MERN in developing web applications, it’s flexible, faster, and easy to develop apps.

👉 MongoDB is the database that is used and it allows the developers to store data flexibly in file storage. 

👉 MERN stack technology is always found better, faster, and easier to customize and develop applications.

👉 Hence developers prefer MERN, they can build fully scalable applications which include the latest tools and technologies of the full stack.

How to start learning MERN stack?

How to start learning MERN stack?

Learning MERN is not difficult as rocket science, but it is a little difficult since it has a lot of components in it.  Here is the Roadmap to MERN which will solve all your questions like From where to start? How to start? and How MERN is different from other programs? 

Let’s start from the basics fundamentals.

HTML and CSS: HTML stands for hypertext markup language which is basically used in creating websites and web applications. This help in displaying the content to the users.

CSS stands for cascading style sheet, it gives the website the proper structure and design by creating themes, style, font, buttons, etc; overall it makes the website responsive and attractive.

JavaScript: It is used in creating dynamic and interactive content like applications and websites. It is a widely used programming language and it’s easy to learn maximum websites are built upon JavaScript.

MongoDB: it is an open-source database that provides the services and tools necessary to build applications and the main advantage is fast and scalable. It doesn’t support Join and global transactions like SQL. It helps to create, read, update and destroy databases.

Express.js: It is used in the backend development. Express.js is a layer that is built on top of Node.js and helps in managing the servers and routes. It is used to develop single-page and hybrid pages in web applications.

React.js: React.js is an open-source javascript framework and library. It is used to build an interactive user interface, and develop the application quickly and effectively. React.js was developed by Facebook.

Node.js: It is an open-source server environment, not a framework or library. It runs javascript code outside the web browser. It is highly scalable, easy to understand and learn, free to use, and has excellent performance.

Where to learn MERN stack?

Where to learn MERN stack?

Now you know the roadmap of the MERN stack, there are plenty of sources on different online platforms and institutes but the question “do they give all the required knowledge along with real-time projects?”. They will, but there are only a few such institutions that provide all the requirements along with 1-1 mentorship along with real-time projects and assignments. 

Skillsafari is providing all facilities with a 100% placement guarantee, the mentors are experts in the field and have real-time industry experiences.


After considering all the different factors, the MERN stack is one of the popular and fast-growing fields and that’s How MERN is different from other programs? Self-learning these skills will be difficult for you, but SkillSafari has given its 100% to make the course easy and improve your skill to make you job-ready. Get trained by industry experts and get the certificate after completing all the given assignments which are based on real-time projects.

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