Recently when I was scrolling through Instagram I saw one exciting post about developers and when I was checking out the comments section they are many people who showed interest in learning and that got me curious about how the institutions manage courses and reach an impact on students careers. When I was doing research on it and got to know about full stack development, here is what I found out.


what is full-stack developer? 

Full-stack developer involves working on developing both the server and client-side software, this both together makes the perfect websites for the users. So being a full-stack developer you have to be good at managing the front-end and back-end. But it’s not too difficult to learn all you need is a perfect course and a good roadmap.

Full-Stack developer.

what skills should a full-stack developer have?

Since we know full-stack developer works on frontend and backend, the developer requires to have knowledge of different programming languages, frameworks, and databases. Databases are used to store data and you should be efficient in handling and fetching the data from databases.

The skills required for Front-end are:

  1. HTML and CSS
  2. Javascript
  3. React JS

Back-end skills:

  1. Java
  2. Python
  3. Ruby
  4. PHP
  5. .NET
  6. Node JS

For Databases:

  1. SQL
  2. MySQL
  3. Oracle 
  4. MongoDB
what skills should a full-stack developer have?

Why choose to become a full-stack web developer?

Massive growth in the industry and hence the demand is high for Front-end developers, who have knowledge in different areas and mastered handling the websites. The average pay for full-stack developers is around 6-lakhs per annum.

Based on my research, becoming a full-stack developer will take around 6 months duration. It needs a roadmap, hands-on practice, and guidance from the experts. Finding an institute that provides all the necessities is difficult. 

Skill Safari
Skill Safari

But there is one such institute called Skill safari, which is fully decided for a full-stack developer course, they have a fantastic team who has hands-on experience in Industry. They provide Live sessions, real-time projects, mentorship support, trained more than 400+ students, and Placement assurance, and many top companies have hired their students. This institute is located in Coimbatore.

The reviews given by students who got trained in that institute are very positive and overwhelming. 


I would definitely recommend the Skillsafari after looking into all factors and their dedication towards the students. The best part is it’s not necessary to have prior coding knowledge, they will teach you from scratch and make sure you have mastered it.

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