Telugu Reddy Wedding Rituals: A Perfect Guide.

Weddings, this word always has a different understanding in my mind. Whenever I visited a wedding during my childhood days due to my curious mind and interest in them, I used to ask my parents and relatives about those rituals. Recently, I released writing and reading about weddings is a passion, and here I’m to share the details about wedding rituals. 

Telugu reddy wedding rituals

Here is my First article have chosen Telugu reddy wedding rituals as the topic and even though I’m from the same background and all rituals excite me so much. The rituals are celebrated before, during, and after the wedding, these celebrations are no less than any festivals.

As we know, India is having different cultures and traditions, which makes each wedding unique and has its known meaning depending on the rituals. 

And many of my friends who are from North India didn’t know many of the rituals so I use to explain them in detail and that is why I thought of writing about Telugu Reddy wedding rituals in this article which helps others to get more information about each other traditions and culture.

First of all,

What is Lagna Patrika? 

Lagna Patrika is a very important ceremony before the beginning of Telugu reddy wedding rituals, where the Bride and Groom’s side families along with the priest get together and write the names of the family members along with the bride and groom’s names along with the time of the auspicious date decided by the priest according to the horoscope of the couple.

Telugu reddy pre-wedding rituals:


This ceremony is performed to make the relationship between both the families official, they gather at one place where the bride and groom exchange rings. By taking the blessings from elders they take step towards the remarkable journey of life.

Pellikuthuru/ Pellikoduku:

Photo by: Ksav Pun

This ritual is done separately by both the families at their homes, where the turmeric and other essentials are added to make a mixture to apply to the bride and the groom. 

Why turmeric is used in marriage?  

“It is believed to be a blessing to bride and groom and turmeric has medical benefits and the face of the couple will glow.”

Even essential oil is smeared and then pour the turmeric water on them, this implies cleansing of the body and soul of the couple before the wedding.

Mangala Snanam:

The holy bath of the couples is usually done twice before the wedding i.e, during Pellikuthuru or Pellikoduku ceremony and another one on the wedding day. The meaning of Mangala Snanam – is a Holy bath, which is done at the auspicious time (it is also called Muhurtham time).

After that, they are made to wear the first set of Wedding dresses followed by the Mangala aarthi, it is believed that the aarthi removes the evil eyes. By taking blessings from the elders they look forward to the new beginnings.

Why is Basikam tied?

“It is tied at the forehead of the groom and bride, which usually contains thread, pearl, and gold (in a triangle or square).This is to draw the attention of the couple”.

Telugu reddy wedding rituals (Performed on the day):

Ganesh Pooja:

Ganesh Pooja is always considered important before the beginning of any work, or new beginning. In the Hindu religion, it is believed that performing Ganesh pooja, removes all the obstacles and hurdles in your life. Groom performs the Ganesha pooja on the mandapam before the bride’s entry.

Gauri Pooja:

The bride performs this pooja before going to the mandapam and seeks the blessing from Goddess Gauri. Gauri pooja is performed as she is the symbol of fertility, wealth, and prosperity, this pooja is either performed in the bride’s home or the venue. 

Then the bride enters the mandapam followed by her parents and the relatives, bride, and groom should not see each other face till Jeelakarra bellam and hence they are separated by the curtain or cloth (which has OM Symbol written on it).


Photography : Kanika Pant

Kanyadanam means giving away the daughter. The bride’s father washes the groom’s feet as a mark of respect and gives his daughter’s hand to the groom. It is believed that Lord Vishnu came to marry their daughter who is “the Goddess Lakshmi”. This is the most of the bride’s parents the giving away their daughter. 

After this Panigrahanam is performed, meaning holding the hands. The groom holds the bride’s hands and promises that he will be with her throughout his life by chanting the mantra told by the priest.

Jeelakarra Bellam:

Jeelakarra Bellam
Photography : Avinash Uppuluri

These are the Telugu words, Jeelakarra means cumin and Bellam means Jaggery. This the ingredients are combined and made into a paste, and then the paste is kept in the couple’s hand and then kept on each other head, this is performed at the auspicious time written on the Lagna Pratika. 

Why do we keep Jeelakarra bellam in marriage?

“It is believed that couples will stick together in bitter and sweet phases in their life.”

Then the cloth between them is removed, and the elders, the younger ones, and the guests present in the venue give their blessings by showing  Akshantalu (a mixture of turmeric, ghee, and rice). 

Mangalsutra Dharana:

Mangalasutram or the thaali is tied to the yellow threads and has two Sutralu(made of gold). Groom ties them around the bride’s neck in three knots and everyone showers them akshantalu and blesses the couple and the younger ones congratulate them. 

The three knots symbolize Manasa Vacha Karmana (meaning Believing it, speech, and action).

This signifies the union of the couple in physical, mental, and spiritual. 


It is a most enjoyed ritual by the couples and also the family members, the bride, and groom shower each other with Talambralu (mixture of rice with turmeric). It is like a fun competition between the couples. 

Now this question rises,

What is the importance of Talambralu?

“This means that couples will be able to maintain a happy relationship throughout their married life”.


In this ritual Groom makes the bride wear the silver rings on the second toe of her each leg, this shows that the woman is married. This toe ring helps her get her menstrual circle regularly, healthy uterus, and other medical benefits.


The bride’s sari end and the groom’s scarf are tied together, they take 7 rounds around the fire by taking 7 vows. The first three rounds are led by the groom and the bride takes the lead for the next 4. 

Ring game:

Another fun game played between the couples, the priest put the ring(gold and silver rings) in the pot (including water, milk, and rose petals) and the couple will find the ring. This game is continued for 3 rounds and whoever wins 2 times is considered a winner and believes that person has an upper hand in the marriage.

Arundhati Nakshatra:

After all the rituals priest guides the couple under the open sky, and the groom shows the star Arundhati and Vasistha to the bride. 

Why do they show Arundhati Nakshatra?

Why do they show Arundhati Nakshatra.
Photography : Arun Gopalan

Arundhati and Vasistha nakshatram is a double star that represents the ideal couple and hence the stars are shown to the couple as an example”.


The final and most emotional moment in the bride’s life. The bride’s family officially handover the bride to the groom and his family. The bride will go to the groom’s home.

Telugu reddy post-wedding rituals:


The bride will officially go to the groom’s home and the groom’s family welcomes her into the home by performing aarthi by her mother-in-law.

Satyanarayana Vratam:

Satyanarayana Vratam
Photography: Kiran SRK

The pooja is performed in the groom’s home by the couple to ensure the lot abundance in the loved one’s life, worshipping the Lord Vishnu followed by the priest saying the Katha.

Now after all rituals, you must be wondering, How long is a Telugu wedding? -”In the olden days, they use to celebrate about 16 days of wedding rituals and my grandma use to say 16 days wedding festival, but nowadays they celebrate about two to four days or sometimes up to 5 days and this sometimes depends upon the auspicious time”.


Telugu wedding rituals are having a different meanings for each ritual. I have explained all the rituals that are performed before, during, and after marriage. This is the complete guide, let me know if some meaning and rituals are missing in the comment box.



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